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Mexican Plastic Artist



Plastic artist born in the city of Monterrey, Mexico. Diana has studies in Visual Marketing from CEDIM and Industrial Design from UDEM. Since the late 90's, she has studied art history, painting, drawing, lithography, engraving, photography, conceptual art, oil, watercolor and charcoal with masters such as Luis Frías, Damián Ontiveros, Judith Pérez, Samuel Rodríguez, and José Soriano among many others.

Diana Herrera Palomo is a Mexican artist with a strong career spanning more than twenty years. Her style is primarily figurative, often drawing on a feminine point of view resulting from the artist's upbringing in a female-centered environment. Her work evokes vulnerability as our source of power, combining design and illustration techniques with more mature elements to create a fascinating intersection of gentleness and joy. In her work she always presents an invitation to immerse ourselves in the appreciation of everyday life, rescuing what really matters in life. “I am in love with color and painting is my way of sharing it.”

She has more than 100 participations in individual and group exhibitions, both in Mexico and abroad. Her works are exhibited in international galleries and are part of private collections in multiple countries, including the United States, Colombia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, New Zealand, France, the United Arab Emirates and Singapore. One of her most notable achievements is a 12-meter-high monumental sculpture, installed on the “Mariposas” island of the Rodrigo Gómez Dam in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, which commemorates the collaboration between authorities and citizens.

Her most recent presentation was in Miami Art Fair Spectrum 2023, having success in one of the most important art fairs at the international level.

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